CVE-2014-7808 - Apache Wicket CSRF (2014)

Posted on Sat 29 October 2016 in posts • Tagged with script, python, security, web, cryptoLeave a comment

This is about a vulnerability I discovered in Apache Wicket in 2014, but never got around to publishing my write-up. So it's kinda outdated now... Apache Wicket is a web application framework for Java and is used by quite a few big sites. I had a closer look at ...

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Criticism - Revisiting XSS Sanitization

Posted on Sat 18 October 2014 in posts • Tagged with xss, security, bheu, criticismLeave a comment

This is a criticism about Ashar Javed's BlackHat EU Talk: Revisiting XSS Sanitization.

I believe as in any field of science we need to have a discussion about published research. Especially when we think there is something wrong with the "experiments" and the resulting conclusion. Maybe I'm completly ...

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Posted on Tue 14 October 2014 in posts • Tagged with script, python, captcha, securityLeave a comment

First of all, this research is legit because I have a logo and a name for it. This seems to be a trend right now (heartbleed, shellshock, sandworm) . Afaik the rule is that you must invest the same time into creating the logo as you did in your research.

Creating ...

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